The Best of Both Worlds

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You have the perfect wall just waiting to be ‘dressed-up’ except you can’t seem to decide between a mirror or a painting... How about you combine the two: a mirror painting? Antique mirrors have been on the ‘must-list’ for traditional style home decor for centuries. But unless you are willing to dish-out some serious cash, they tend to fall back on the ‘wish-list’ instead. Contemporary abstract mirror painting invites the traditional antique mirror style into the 21 century without 'breaking the bank'. These multidimensional artworks are a perfect fit for every decor style.

At Sorelle Gallery, we can’t keep them on our walls long enough to enjoy them! Recently signed mirror artist Alina B has been the highlight of conversation. In her own words Alina describes her creative process:

There are two things that fascinate me when working with mirrors: that my “canvas” is a challenging surface to work with – glass is fragile, silver is temperamental. And the introduction of a finished piece into an environment. Each new space or angle engages the viewer; reflections of light or rooms become a part of the piece. In a way, these mirror paintings are never-ending creations.
— Alina B
The Face Behind The Mirror - Alina B

The Face Behind The Mirror - Alina B